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ToP Virtual Application Design

Description: This virtual course focuses on deepening understanding of ToP® methodologies, creating effective meeting designs and engaging communities. A critical issue with most trainings is that participants are generally very enthusiastic and make many plans to implement the training. However, returning to their everyday work lives can drain the energy from their plans. This model addresses the issue for ToP® training participants by providing six months of follow-up during which the participants plan and facilitate actual events. In addition, each session is chock full of new tools they can apply. The cohorts meet six months, once per month for two hours. These virtual sessions are supported by a technical Adobe Connect facilitator to set-up and chauffeur the meeting. There is one or more Licensed ToP® trainers to facilitate the session and provide mentoring support. The topics for each session are listed below: 1. Defining what to accomplish: Scope the facilitation project, set clear rational and experiential aims and design a participatory meeting. 2. Preparing to facilitate: Learn from reflection, determine which methods will accomplish the group’s priorities best and create and customize the facilitation plan. 3. Engaging the group: Use the Focused Conversation to facilitate shared awareness and as a framework for the event. 4. Reaching group agreement: Facilitate agreement by using the Consensus Workshop and combine the Focused Conversation with other meeting processes. 5. Setting priorities: To help the group establish priorities without creating winners and losers, learn five priority setting tools. 6. Gaining motivation and commitment: Create plans collaboratively, apply Action Planning components creatively, motivate action and foster accountability.   Outcomes:
  • Receive virtual mentoring in ToP® methodology to support applications.
  • Provide a positive, cooperative forum for sharing best practices, success stories, challenges and ideas.
  • Develop a sense of teamwork and comradery in learning and applying ToP® skills.
  • Improved ability to apply ToP® methodologies to facilitation situations and challenging meetings.
  • Increased confidence as a facilitator with personal mentoring.
  • Embed effective tools and techniques into every meeting.
  Who Should Take this Course:
  • Graduates of ToP® Facilitation Methods courses
  • Those who want to improve their ability to apply ToP® methodologies
  • Those who want to learn new tools and techniques to lead effective meetings
  Course Length: One two-hour virtual meeting once a month for six months Prerequisite: ToP® Facilitation Methods or ToP® Facilitation Methods: Leadership Edition. You must have a computer with Internet access and a headset.

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