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Laura Nabity


Ms. Nabity has 20 years of experience providing training and facilitation services as an internal and external consultant. She has helped diverse workgroups in public agencies and non-profits successfully plan and implement projects, develop strategic plans, resolve complex problems, constructively navigate conflict, and accomplish organizational goals. Her unique style helps groups and individuals shift into a flow of energy and productivity where creativity, laughter, and easiness emerge.

Employment History

  • Principal, Flow Facilitation
  • Principal, Nabity Group Facilitation Services
  • Training Manager, CA Department of Education (Retired)
  • Training Officer, CA Department of Education
  • Senior Operations Specialist, CA Franchise Tax Board

Competency Areas

Meeting Design and Facilitation Action-oriented productivity in a complex work environment, support group design and facilitation Group Process and Dynamics Inclusive group processes, group formation and trust building, navigation of group conflict, group transitions. Project Management Project concept and definition, project plans, stakeholder participation, risk assessment and management, change management, task prioritization, issue identification, project documentation. Training and Development Constructive interpersonal communication, peer-to-peer learning, project management coaching, workforce planning, facilitative leadership practices. Strategic Planning and Implementation Preparing for, designing, and facilitating strategic planning events; documentation of group work. Impactful Presentations Audience-focused design, engaging delivery, visuals that work. Analysis and Critical Thinking Workflow analysis, systems analysis and quality assurance.


  • Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology – University of San Francisco
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – California State University Hayward (East Bay)
Publications and Presentations
  • “The Mentoring Project Journey” presentation
  • Communications Training Video “Mad Gab”
  • Workforce Planning Workbook
  • Workforce Planning presentation
  • “Participatory Strategic Planning Process” diagram used in ICA’s ToP® Secrets of Implementation course
  • Supervisory workshop: “Team Tapestry: The Art of Facilitation”
  • Training video “Participation = Power”
  • “Values Conversations” booklet
  • “Facilitation Guide: How to Prepare for and Hold a Meaningful Conversation”
  • Power of Attorney Project presentation
  • Disability Advisory Committee presentation: Hiring People with Disabilities

Project List

Mentoring Project, CA Department of Education – Currently facilitating a project team to implement a pilot mentoring program. Create monthly meeting designs, manage the project schedule, and provide project documentation. Meetings are productive and collaborative action is directed toward goals. Deliverables are being accomplished with efficient use of limited resources and the pilot is being implemented as planned. NumFOCUS Summit – Co-facilitated a large, diverse group of member organizations in a scientific open source community at an annual conference. Group developed understanding of their shared history, noted trends that impact their community, and identified action toward a desired future of sustainable community work. Wildscape Engineering, Inc. – Facilitated conversations with leadership and staff to understand workflow procedures and related constraints. Designed solutions that improved efficiencies in proposal writing and project tracking and invoicing. Lincoln Women’s Wellspring – Founded and facilitated a free support group for woman in transition. Members moved through their life transitions, improved their personal resiliency, and grew friendships in a non-judgmental environment. Sunrise Senior Living, Rocklin – Designed a framework and facilitated a support group for partners of memory care residents. Members were able to process stressful experiences of loss, share resources, make difficult personal decisions, and engage in moments of joy and laughter through a mutually supportive process. ToP® Conference, 2012 – Designed and facilitated a conflict resolution dialog with the conference planning team. The process helped the team resolve conflict and successfully accomplish the conference implementation. Also facilitated a design team to develop the action plan for creating a ToP® video. The plan was successfully carried out and the video completed. Participating in Difficult Conversations Training Module, CA Department of Education – Developed a three-hour, classroom training module that included a demonstration video (Mad Gab), and discussion and practice of effective behaviors in difficult conversations. Participants improved their ability to adopt helpful behaviors in difficult conversations. Supervisory Peer Support Group, CA Department of Education – Established and facilitated a peer mentoring group for supervisors and managers. Created a safe environment for participants to share specific challenges and strategies that helped them address and sometimes resolve management issues. Leadership through Communication: Classroom Training and Facilitated Unit Meetings, CA Department of Education – Designed and delivered classroom training that helped employees constructively deal with conflict. Developed a communication assessment and designed and facilitated unit meetings where the assessment was used. Groups were able to identify their communication pitfalls and strategies to address them that leveraged their strengths. Values Workshops and Seminar, CA Franchise Tax Board – Designed and facilitated a series of consensus workshops that included department-wide employee representation to define the Department’s values. Designed and facilitated a Values Seminar where participants learned to facilitate Values Conversations with their workgroups. The collective workshops and seminars created a shared understanding of the Department’s values and increased commitment toward demonstrating the values at work. Leadership Development: Rotations Dialog, CA Franchise Tax Board – Designed and facilitated conversations with the Department’s directors and managers who had participated in leadership development rotations. The conversations provided a genuine enterprise view of the process, its benefits and its issues. Governance Process, CA Franchise Tax Board – Designed and facilitated a leadership team in a practical action workshop on the topic of their governance process. The workshop allowed the leadership team to identify and make strategic changes to their governance process in response to focus group feedback. Filing Season Retrospective, CA Franchise Tax Board – Designed and facilitated a technical services division and their stakeholders in an assessment of technical support events during a critical time of year. The process was a positive experience for participants and generated many actionable recommendations, including several that management implemented. Journey of Conciliation, CA Franchise Tax Board – Conducted one-on-one interviews, summarized results, and designed and facilitated a multi-week conciliation process for a project management unit. The process helped the group discuss underlying issues; move toward a cohesive, respectful team environment; and initiate long-term positive changes. Town Hall, CA Franchise Tax Board – Designed and facilitated the executive leadership team in a participatory process to design a department-wide town hall on a major facility move. Moderated the town hall meeting where the executive leadership team successfully shared facts and myths about the move, heard employees’ concerns about the move, and set the stage to help employees successfully make the transition. Power of Attorney Project, Phase II, CA Franchise Tax Board – Led a project team to deliver an enterprise-wide Power of Attorney information system. The project provided improved customer service to taxpayers and tax practitioners while protecting the confidentiality of taxpayer information. Y2K Systems Integrated Test, CA Franchise Tax Board – Served as a team leader in a department-wide systems integrated test. Wrote a test strategy that was used as a departmental model, coordinated the testing activities of my team with others, and facilitated resolutions to problems that met diverse interests. Y2K was a “non-event” at the Department and all systems were up and running on the new year’s first day of business.

Client List

Local, State and Federal Government
  • CA Department of Education
  • CA Franchise Tax Board
  • CA Department of Public Health
Health & Medical Institutions & Affiliated Organizations 
  • Sutter Medical Center
  • Sunrise Senior Living, Rocklin
  • Emeritus Senior Living, Citrus Heights
Professional Associations Health Officers Association of California Other Organizations
  • Wildscape Engineering, Inc
  • California Native Plant Society
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, LCMS, Sacramento
  • Grace Lutheran Church, LCMS, Grass Valley