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ToP Secrets of Implementation

Description: Sustaining a plan, once it has been implemented, can be challenging. Staying on track is difficult, especially when new people are introduced after the plan is developed. This course anticipates the fact that all plans will need adjustments as they are implemented and provides a road map to do so. The course is designed to help keep plans and projects alive, relevant, doable and achievable. Participants are asked to bring real-life implementation problems to class to experience peer mentoring. Covers the four stages of plan implementation, with facilitation, collaborative tools and methods to utilize at each level.
  1. Getting started
  2. Building and sustaining momentum
  3. Adjusting and re-maneuvering
  4. Bringing closure
  • Understand and deal with the challenges of implementing large-scale strategic plans.
  • Sustain momentum to bring the plans to implementation.
  • Review strategic plan progress and plan for upcoming initiatives.
  • Bring closure to plans and celebrate the team’s work.
  • Learn to integrate new leadership, partners and collaboration from multiple sectors.
  • Learn to assess change motivation and ability factors so that initiatives are successful.
  • Receive personal consulting advice on implementation challenges brought to the course.
  •  Learn 40 keys to implementation success.
  • Leads groups so that they are enthusiastic from the start and throughout implementation.
  • Ensures the hard work of planning is realized with concrete accomplishments.
  • Models implementation of dynamic plans.
  • Provides facilitation tools to assess change and to develop solutions, as part of regular review to re-maneuver in a crisis.
  Who Should Take this Course:
  • Those charged with implementing plans and strategies
  • Strategic plan implementation teams
  • Organization and community change agents
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Community workers, planners, project managers
  • Consultants and facilitators
  Course Length: Two days Prerequisite: None (ToP® Facilitation Methods and ToP® Strategic Planning are very helpful but not required)

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