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Facilitation Graphics

Description: Words communicate symbolically. Words married to visuals communicate more deeply and dramatically. There is power in the visual. It shapes experience, refreshes, enlivens and deepens communication. Nearly 90% of adults learn best tapping into visual thinking and learning skills. This fun and interesting course offers the tools to add visual interest to all work but especially for facilitators and trainers.

This one-day course covers:

  • Organizing information visually
  • Learning shapes and drawing techniques
  • Beginning an icon library
  • Exploring a variety of markers, tools, papers and documentation processes
  • Learning in-session graphic recording; tips and practice
  • Creating metaphorical Graphic Facilitation templates to use while leading the group process



  • Create and use graphics for meetings, training courses and conferences.
  • Obtain multiple ideas and strategies for working visually and interactively.
  • Practice drawing icons, process charts and in-session graphic recording.
  • Walk away with designs for real meetings and group sessions.
  • Receive peer coaching and networking.



  • Build confidence in the ability to create helpful visual illustrations.
  • Augment meeting design to engage participants visually.
  • Expand the facilitator toolkit for communicating ideas and strategies.
  • Deepen capability to listen fully and capture key ideas visually.
  • Improve participants’ ability to participate and engage.
  • Increase confidence for leading groups using visual tools that help them think, discuss and make decisions.


Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those who want to communicate and document information and ideas more powerfully
  • Graphic recorders, facilitators and session notetakers
  • People who think they can’t draw or illustrate concepts
  • People who can draw and want to marry graphic illustration with group dynamics
  • Anyone communicating to or leading groups
  • Course instructors, teachers and trainers
  • Communications professionals

Course Length: One day

Prerequisite: None

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