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Nadine Lund


Ms. Lund is a Technology of Participation(ToP) Facilitation Methods Facilitator/ Apprentice Trainer, a Certified Coach and a Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) Master Facilitator.  As an Associate of Immersion Strategy by Shankland and Associates she facilitates proven methods and strategies to unlock organizational solutions for clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors. 

She also supports the efforts of the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) in Colorado and nationally through National Parent Leadership Institute(NPLI) training trainers, parent and family leaders to bring effective change for children youth, families and their communities.

Employment History

  • Associate – Immersion Strategy by Shankland & Associates
  • Community Liaison, Master Trainer & Facilitator – Colorado Department of Physical Health and Environment
  • Board Co-chairperson – National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI)
  • Board chairperson – Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)
  • Advisory Board chairperson – Brain Injury Affiliate of Colorado

Competency Areas

  • Training and Development; Training Delivery 

Leadership assessment & development, strategic planning, action planning, conflict resolution, consensus building, trainer of Technology of Participation(ToP) Facilitation Methods, Strategic Planning and Action Planning.  Master facilitator Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI).

  • Organizational Strategy

Consensus building with diverse stakeholders, organizational assessment & alignment and program development.

  • Meeting Design and Facilitation

Coordinated and designed effective meetings for small and large groups. Facilitated board meetings, think tanks, retreats, strategic planning and action planning meetings. Facilitated Two-Gen leadership strategic planning session.

  • Project and Events Management

Created and designed large events and coordinated all technical aspects of the event. Designed, coordinated and produced multi-stakeholder publication.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Community readiness assessment, community participation, accomplishment mapping, asset mapping, fundraising strategies, partner involvement, policy development and collaborative stakeholder planning.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology – University of Colorado
  • Coaches Training Institute, CPPC, Life Coach
  • Family Leadership Training Institute, Master Training Facilitator

Professional Associations 

  • Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Boards and Advisory

  • National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI) – Board co-chair
  • Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) – Board chair
  • Brain Injury Affiliate of Colorado – Advisory Board chair


  • Brain Injury Professional

Project List

  • Consensus Building; Colorado State University –Extension, Family Leadership Training Institute.  Designed and facilitated a process that included; accomplishment mapping, asset mapping, fundraising strategies to increase program participation and funding.
  • Action Planning; USDA Grantee, Colorado State University- Extension Services Two- Generational Leadership program.  Facilitated an action plan for a coordinated dual site implementation.
  • Action Planning; designed and facilitated Calvary Bible Church Women’s Ministry redesign and implementation of ministries. 
  • Facilitated Discussion; Colorado Health Foundation Symposium – Co-designed and co-facilitated a discussion on health equity practices across Colorado.
  • Action Planning; designed and facilitated action plan for Holly Forlenza of Holly Speaks Up.  Resulting in coordination of Holly’s care, personal and professional activities for the year.  Holly is a motivational speaker, song writer, author and artist who was diagnosed with “severe mental retardation” at age 2 and communicates with typing words one at a time with one finger.

Client List

  • Colorado State University, Extension – Ft Collins, Colorado
  • Calvary Bible Church – Boulder CO
  • Holly Speaks Up – Highlands Ranch, CO