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Government agencies and businesses are increasingly challenged to conduct open and transparent planning processes, engage diverse stakeholders and leverage resources by working collaboratively with other public and private organizations. To meet these needs, the Kolbe Company provides integrated consulting services and courses in facilitation methodologies to government, non-profits and businesses.

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We offer services under two Categories:

541611 Facilitation and Management Consulting

We offer consulting services in Organization Development, Professional Meeting Facilitation, Conflict Resolution,  Mediation, Change Management, Professional Development, Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Public Policy Development.

611430 Professional Development – Online and In-Person Training Courses

We offer beginning and advanced facilitative leadership courses to support government agencies in building staff skills to engage internal and external groups to create expedited and effective results. Courses are customized to achieve the agency’s goals. ToP® courses benefit anyone who leads groups and is responsible for the development and implementation of organizational strategies and plans.

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What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from our competitors is the powerful ToP® processes which have been used successfully by federal, state and local government. The methods are especially useful in cross-agency collaborations and dealing with complex issues. Over the last 30 years, these proprietary methodologies have been carefully crafted to meet government agency needs. Some of the unique characteristics of this work are:

  • By intentionally honoring the diversity of perspectives, this approach successfully integrates the contributions of all involved. ToP facilitators can bring disparate opinions to consensus quickly and respectfully.
  • Since there is broad and active participation, groups can deal with far more data in less time than in traditional meetings.
  • High levels of participation in the decision-making process generates commitment that increases follow-through and accountability. This approach moves people from superficial buy-in to ownership of decisions, strategies, and plans.
  • The breadth and depth of involvement in these processes insures a longer-term investment in the organization and interest in learning and continuous improvement.
  • These customizable methods have been used in thousands of situations with various sized groups across the globe to share information, solve problems, make decisions and plan for action.

From the beginning of every consulting project, we listen closely to client needs to clarify expectations and deliverables. We work in partnership with the client to create a set of project success indicators to measure progress and quality during the engagement. We use our varied experience to assist clients in selecting the best course of action using available resources with a focus on timeline, scope and budget.




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