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Designing for Change

Description: Strong images influence why people act the way they do. Individuals, groups, and organizations sometimes need to rethink their image of themselves and adjust to changing realities. The ability to transform is influenced by whether they can shift images. This course provides leadership tools to create the environments, contexts and processes that help people positively embrace new circumstances and choose creativity, cooperation and productivity. The Designing for Change course unlocks the power of shaping and shifting images and provides tools to design facilitated sessions that result in effective and lasting change. It equips the participants to lead complex transformational change.

The major modules of the course include:

  1. Foundations and principles of image theory
  2. The dynamics of image stability and change
  3. How to facilitate image shaping and image shifting
  4. How to generate critical messages
  5. How graphics generate and hold images
  6. An inclusive design tool for sessions and events
  7. How to plan interactive decision making



  • Learn how to lead transformational change.
  • Understand how mental models shape our behavior, how messages shape these images, and how to shift these images to move ourselves and the organizations we lead beyond habitual patterns and practices.
  • Learn how image shift relates to brain functioning.
  • Receive powerful tools to better assess what is holding detrimental patterns in place and how to move toward the desired goals and eliminate harmful behaviors.
  • Acquire ways to strategize and stimulate creative image shift through the design of interactive sessions with groups and organizations.
  • Practice using the comprehensive and powerful Kaleidoscope Design tool.
  • Leave with stories, examples and templates for facilitations and trainings.



  • Lead transformational change at personal, organizational and community levels.
  • Design more effective conferences, planning sessions and meetings.
  • Enhance capacity and confidence in using Image Theory tools in training and design.
  • Use these transformative tools to lead significant change.


Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those involved in leading change and organization transformation
  • Those facilitating organization and community improvement processes
  • Educators and community organizers
  • Local, state and federal leaders
  • Facilitators and process consultants

Course Length: Two days

Prerequisite: ToP® Facilitation Methods

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