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ToP Focused Conversation | Brain Based Leadership

Description: This course teaches the powerful Focused Conversation method but also includes new thinking from neuroscience. Knowledge of how the brain works now proves the effectiveness of the Focused Conversation. This information explains not only why the Focused Conversation is so effective but gives information on how to make it even more useful. It provides information on how to target communication to brain preferences.

Assists in:

  • Making good use of people’s time.
  • Capturing a group’s best thinking quickly.
  • Surfacing new ideas and solutions.
  • Understanding how the brain works and processes information.



  • Design and lead brain-friendly conversations.
  • Quickly reach a full picture of the group’s purpose, needs, and intentions.
  • Establish a foundation for developing consensus and planning for the future.
  • Gather pertinent information for important planning decisions.
  • Integrate group knowledge and points of view.
  • Lead an engaging and highly participatory process.



  • Increases awareness of individual participant’s brain preferences.
  • Increases group’s awareness of brain preferences and ways to communicate with diverse groups.
  • Provides deeper understanding, alignment and inclusion.
  • Fosters depth discussions to reach better decisions.
  • Maximizes group commitment and involvement.


Who Should Take this Course:

  • Those who want to tap a team’s brain power in leading meaningful and productive conversations
  • Business leaders
  • Strategic planners
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Local, state, and federal leaders and program managers
  • Facilitators, trainers and consultants

Course Length: One day

Prerequisite: None

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