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Our Values

What Makes Our Facilitation Process Unique


Facilitation is a process of inquiry to assist groups in discovering their own answers.  The facilitator sets the stage for connection to occur – the catalyst for diverse opinions and needs to gel into a positive form.  Through the process of asking focused questions and listening, the facilitator helps the group determine their core values, beliefs and needs.  As the situation is clarified, the path forward is illuminated. Although the facilitator may be well versed in your business and the challenges it faces, do not expect us to tell you what to do.  We are neutral servants for the group.  Our role is humble inquirers to aide in your reflection, learning and strategy development.

Core Values

Inclusive Participation: We recognize the importance of each team member.  Each participant holds a piece of the puzzle and each person’s insights help create the whole picture.  We create a climate where people want and do fully participate.

Teamwork: We assume that teamwork and collaboration are necessary to get a task done in the most effective, efficient and economical way.  We strive to create a deep sense of collegiality among group members.

Creativity: We bring out the best of each person’s rational and intuitive capacities.  By encouraging a dialogue between the heart and the head, people experience group creativity and break loose to deal with the situation.

Action and Ownership: People own what they are able to participate in creating.  This group ownership of decisions motivates the group to action, implementation of plans and realization of the goals.

Effective and Efficient Processes: Our meeting processes facilitate team learning and transformation.  We use tried, tested and true methods that take light years off of the time spent in meetings and produce exceptional results.  Here is a 22 minute overview of two of the core methods we use:

Technology of Participation Video

Our Assumptions for Facilitating Group Process

  1. Everyone has wisdom.
  2. Everyone’s wisdom is needed for the wisest result.
  3. There are no wrong answers.
  4. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  5. Everyone will have the opportunity to hear and be heard.