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Kathleen Paulo, QTT


Ms. Paulo has over 25 years of organization development, training, strategic planning, and facilitation experience.   Kathleen’s facilitation skills help organizations discover and commit to the wisest actions that guide them to the most effective developments. Her skills and experience coupled with enthusiasm and inventiveness for group dynamics ensure organizations achieve powerful immediate and future results.

Employment History

  • Principal – Kathleen Paulo & Associates, Inc.
  • Senior Manager – Alameda County Public Health Department 
  • Associate Facilitator and Trainer – Center for Strategic Facilitation
  • Executive Director – Santa Barbara Helpline Inc.

Competency Areas (examples given below)

  • Leadership Development and Employee Relations

Organization development services, employee involvement, consensus building,, coaching leaders in a government environment with emphasis on new leader development , and multi-stakeholder project leadership.

  • Meeting Design and Facilitation

Creatively design and facilitate large and small group meetings, retreats and critical planning sessions.  Facilitation services for challenging issues and team-building.  Specializing in planning when forward progress is stalled

  • Organizational Strategy

Whole systems change, strategy development, policy and procedure change advancement, organization assessment, 3 and 5-year strategic planning with detailed implementation plans, organization change interventions and process improvement efforts.

  • Training and Development; Training Delivery

Staff Skills Development programs. Trainer in the Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Methods, Action Planning, and Organization Change implementation programs.  Train participants and staff in all aspects of meeting facilitation and staff and team development.

  • Project Management

Internal to a dynamic government environment. Facilitator and trainer for collaborative action planning and complex implementation projects.  Large scale collaborations involving government and community stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Community outreach, partnership development and multi-sector public participation.


  • Graduate Certificate in Organization Development – John F Kennedy University   
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work – San Francisco State University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology – University of California, Santa Barbara

Professional Associations

  • National ToP Trainer’s Network
  • Center for Strategic Facilitation
  • Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)

Professional Certification and Awards

  • Qualified Trainer – National ToP Trainer’s Network
  • Certified ToP Facilitator – Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)
  • Certified Trainer – Achieve Global

Project List

  • Leadership Training; Alameda County – Conducted needs assessment, gap analysis and created customized training for leaders in a 600+ department. Provided training in effective meetings skills and managing team success in project completion in a large government environment.
  • Strategic Planning; Mercy High School – Designed and facilitated a 6-month process to define the 5-year strategic plan for the school.  The planning team, including staff, teachers, students, alumni and parents, reviewed data, created a history timeline and engaged in numerous guided conversations to determine the vision and strategic plan to support a $ 10+M expansion of the school site and academic programs.
  • Strategic Planning- Sandia National Labs; Diversity and Inclusion Initiative – Facilitated and prepared five-year strategic plans that outlined the vision, organizational obstacles, strategic directions and implementation activities. Designed and implemented the meetings that produced an action-oriented plan.  Designed methods for gathering input from a large cross section of staff, and trained and supported team leaders in Accelerated Action planning techniques to ensure an effective implementation of the Strategic plan.
  • Leadership Retreat; On Lok Inc. – Designed and facilitated an all-day Leadership retreat for national senior care organization.  Worked with design team to build capacity and structural changes for organizational development and transition.
  • Facilitated Discussion; California Department of Parks and Recreation – Facilitated a group consensus building process for a multi-stakeholder community meeting to assess the effectiveness of State Park partnerships to engage underserved children in outdoor learning.
  • Organization development and reorganization; California Childrens’ Service – Lead process improvement efforts to improve the case management program intake as well as gather baseline data and make suggested improvements for the program structure. Facilitated process to gather extensive input from staff on recommended changes. Resulted in recognized improved new model which garnered interest by programs across the state. Also resulted in significant reorganization and additional process improvements.
  • Organization Alignment; Public Health Senior Leadership Team – Worked with the leadership team to design and facilitate their annual management team retreat.  Facilitated a historical scan of the Public Health Department, identification of work priorities and action plan for the year.
  • Large Meeting Facilitation; Information Technology, Health Care Services Agency – Designed and facilitated a cross-agency meeting of staff and leadership to develop and plan for the reorganization of IT efforts. This meeting resulted in several projects which streamlined the functions of five IT departments and led to increased sharing of resources and database-specific knowledge.
  • Virtual Facilitation; California Oral Health Committee, Child Health and Disability Prevention Program– Facilitated virtual meetings of over 75 program representatives introducing virtual tools to the long standing statewide team.  The new tools led to demonstrable increased group participation, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Stakeholder Outreach and Consensus Building; Lake County Native American Health Center – Designed and facilitated meetings to develop and set priorities for the county wide Diabetes outreach and education plan.  Facilitated meetings for various action teams and community groups to develop a highly participatory plan for all ages.
  • Action Planning; Maternal Paternal Adolescent and Child Health Advocacy Group – Facilitated the working group to develop an Action plan for the year.  The leadership group contracted with me to help them move their project forward after several months of inaction and challenging group dynamics.  The result was a commitment to a year- long action planning process and prioritization of implementation steps.
  • Facilitated Discussion; Contra Costa Safety Net Task Force, Innovation Network – Facilitated several community assessment sessions during several multi-stakeholder meetings.

Client List

Local, State and Federal Government

  • Alameda County Public Health Department
  • Alameda County- Public Health Commissioners
  • Alameda County- General Services Administration
  • Alameda County- California Children’s Service
  • California State Parks Foundation
  • California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Sandia National Labs

Education Related Institutions

  • Mercy High School Burlingame

Professional Associations 

  • GOG Women’s Networking- San Francisco

Health & Medical Institutions & Affiliated Organizations

  • Lake County Native American Health Center
  • On Lok Inc.
  • Telecare Corporation

Other Organizations

  • Fremont Resource Center
  • First Five Alameda
  • Contra Costa Safety Net Task Force, Innovation Network
  • Marin Society of Artists
  • Loma Prieta Chapter Sierra Club