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Integrated Consulting Services

Approved vendor for Integrated Consulting Services (874-1) which include: Consulting, Organization Development, Professional Meeting Facilitation, Conflict Resolution,  Mediation, Change Management, Professional Development, Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Public Policy Development.

Consulting and training services are delivered throughout the United States by certified Master Facilitators and Consultants.

Training Services

We specialize in providing in the training of the Technology of Participation, a series of courses designed to equip managers, leaders, and facilitators with methods for efficient and effective meetings. These methods are extremely versatile and can be used in any setting to help teams come to consensus, create meaningful discussions, build action plans, enhance creativity and forge team spirit.

To Download a copy (PDF) of our Catalog of Courses for GSA, please click HERE.

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To view or download the Women-Owned Small Business certification click HERE.

Federal Government Rates for In-House Courses 

Special discounts of up to 34% off of commercial rates have been pre-negotiated with the federal government. In-house courses are sold in blocks of 10. Flat rates in blocks of 10 are charged because of instructor requirements. In most cases, one instructor may train up to ten participants. Two instructors are required for 11 – 20 participants and three instructors for 21 – 30 participants. For example, a flat rate of $18383.58 is charged for ToP® Facilitation Methods: Leadership Edition whether there are 11 or 20 participants. In-House courses are usually customized to meet the organizational needs. This may increase the price.

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ToP Facilitation Methods and ToP Strategic Planning courses are eligible for continuing education credit by the National Commission for Health Education Certification (13.5 CECH) and American Institute for Certified Planners (14.5 CM).  Additional units are available for ToP Facilitation Method: Leadership Edition.