ToP Peer Mentoring (Event)

Description: This mentoring program is for team leaders and facilitators who want to talk through meeting challenges or obtain input on designing effective group sessions. The program is designed for experienced facilitators and trainers to provide peer to peer feedback, new ideas and possible approaches. The sessions are facilitated to ensure time is well spent and to ensure a safe and conducive space for sharing and learning. The group sometimes meets in person and sometimes holds virtual meetings. The group uses the ToP® Peer Mentoring process to work through the challenges facing three to four of the peers. Even though the primary focus is on the Presenter, all participants learn from the ideas expressed.

The Peer Mentoring Process:

  1. The Presenter describes the situation briefly, including key information. Then articulates the question for which they’d like ideas.
  2. The other participants ask questions for clarity. Then they individually brainstorm ideas to answer the question by writing them down on a half-sheet and choose 2-3 gems to share orally. Presenter takes notes quietly and ask questions after all participants are complete with sharing.
  3. The Presenter asks follow-up questions of specific participants if more information is needed.


  • Learn the ToP® Peer Mentoring process to get assistance and feedback on facilitation challenges.
  • Take this problem-solving process back to your organization.
  • Exchange best practices in facilitation.
  • Three to four participants receive direct consultation each session.



  •  Strong peer group is created.
  • Facilitators feel supported in their training and facilitation roles.
  • Improved meeting designs.


Who Should Take this Course:

  •  Those who have taken ToP® training and practice those facilitation methods
  • Facilitators who appreciate collaborative problem solving
  •  If you are interested in attending, contact the Sacramento Professional Facilitators Registrar


Course Length: 90 minutes to two hours once per month

Prerequisite: ToP® Facilitation Methods