About Us

The Kolbe Company is a Sacramento-based firm, specializing in meeting facilitation, organization development, and consulting for businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. With over twenty years of experience, the Kolbe Company is dedicated to providing professional leadership to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Why Choose The Kolbe Company?

Strategic Plans are Implemented:  Too many consultants produce strategic plans that set on the shelf and look nice but are not practical.  By contrast, the methods we use result in 80-95% implementation because we engage the hearts and minds of those in the organization.  Plans are implemented with quarterly up-dates so the organization is always moving forward.

Extraordinary Facilitation Capacity: We have a team of professionals.  We are the only firm in Northern California whose staff has been certified by four nationally recognized entities.  All consultants have Masters Degrees in related fields and are qualified to train other facilitators.  Our consultants bring not only expertise but humor to their groups.

Satisfied Clients: We work in partnership with clients.  We have facilitated over 3400 meetings on many subjects since the company was founded in 1989.  The majority of clients are public entities that we have worked with for many years.  We invite you to contact some of our recent clients about their experiences to assess and verify our quality of work.

 A Leader in the Field: As part of our commitment to improving meetings everywhere, we provide training and development to leaders.  We offer an ongoing learning community to other facilitators and consultants.  We have trained and work with many of the most effective facilitators and consultants nationally.

Government Contracting

The Kolbe Company is listed as a pre-approved vendor for both the federal and state government. The following contract vehicles are available to government entities:

Fiona Tuttle describes her experience working with the Kolbe Company.