The Kolbe Company produces programs that value and stimulate participant involvement leading to creative solutions for our customers.  We offer a broad array of training programs for every budget.  All programs are facilitated in an interactive way that helps participants tap into their own wisdom and find their own solutions.  Client needs, research, and experience guide the material presented, normally a variety of tools and strategies that have proven results in similar situations.

Customized training programs are offered to enhance leadership, teamwork and communication.  Training and mentoring is available for those wishing to reach the master’s level of facilitation skill and be certified by internationally recognized entities.

Popular training programs and presentations include:

  • Meetings That Work
  • Leading People Through ChangeThe Past
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Navigating the Meeting Jungle
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Compassionate Communication

The Kolbe Company works in partnership with Sacramento Professional Facilitators, The Institute for Cultural Affairs, California State agencies and Drexel University to deliver the Technology of Participation (ToP®) training.  ToP® is a series of courses designed to equip meeting leaders and participants with methods and tools for efficient and effective team meetings.  The ToP® methods are extremely versatile and can be used in any setting to help teams come to consensus, create meaningful discussion, build action plans, enhance creativity, and forge team spirit.

ToP® courses include:

  • ToP Facilitation Methods
  • Strategic Planning
  • Approaches to Environmental Scanning
  • Mastering the Technology of Participation (MToP)
  • Implementing Strategic Plans – ToP Secrets of Implementation
  • Accelerated Action Planning (for small teams)
  • Facilitating Conciliation
  • Facilitation Graphics
  • Designing for Change

For a complete listing and links to more information, visit the Catalog page.

What will I learn in the ToP Facilitation Methods course?

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 ToP® Courses and Fees

ToP® Facilitation Methods & ToP® Strategic Planning courses are eligible for continuing education credit by National Commission for Health Education Certification (13.5 CECH) and American Institute for Certified Planners (14.5 CM).

Go to www.ToP® or www.ToP® to register or call Nileen at (916) 705-1203 

For a detailed pricing list for all Public Courses, click HERE

Commercial Rates for In-House Courses

In-House group course rates are based on the individual participant public course rates. Flat rates are charged for all Tiers because of instructor requirements. In most cases, one instructor may train up to ten participants. Two instructors are required for 11 – 20 participants and three instructors are strongly recommended for 21 – 30 participants. For example, a flat rate of $17,100 is charged for ToP® Facilitation Methods: Leadership Edition whether there are 11 or 20 participants. In-House courses are usually customized to meet the organizational needs. This may increase the price.