Technology of Participation (ToP)® Facilitation Methods – Leadership Edition

Participatory leadership skills for fostering energized, productive, and meaningful group decision-making. Learn three proven ways to activate team participation: the Focused Conversation method, the Consensus Workshop method, and the Action Planning process. Hands-‐on practice helps you discover practical use in your life and work.   No pre-requisites. (Three day course)

Next Dates:  May 8-10, 2018; Sept. 11-13, 2018

quoteAccelerated Action Planning

Learn a fast and engaging method to plan a project or event. Receive a guided action-planning tool that a small team can apply to develop a high level plan. 

Real projects to plan are welcome at this half-day training. No pre-requisites. (Half day course)

Next Dates:  March 15, 2018; December 13, 2018

No time to take the course? Access the Accelerated Action Plan site for video training and templates to use for your next project planning session.

Facilitation for Innovation: Inspiring Group Creativity

Expand your learning and facilitation tool kit with creative tools. Learn methods that can be immediately applied to foster creative teamwork, shake up the creative mind, reframe problems and dilemmas, and develop innovative strategies. Walk away with ways to boost a group’s creative output in an enjoyable environment. (One day course)

Next Dates: June 12, 2018

 Brain Friendly Conversations – ToP Focused Conversation & Brain Based Leadership

Brain science is used as the theoretical framework for conversations that engage participants in deep and meaningful dialogue. This course provides the foundation for all of the powerful ToP methods.  

Next Date: TBD

Facilitation Graphics

Words married to visuals communicate more deeply and dramatically. Nearly 90% of adults learn best tapping into visual thinking/learning skills.  Practice and explore tools, techniques, icon libraries, and graphic facilitation templates in a one-day experiential session. 

Next Date: TBD

ToP Secrets of Implementation   

Sustaining a plan once it has been implemented can be challenging. Sometimes staying on track is difficult, especially when new people are introduced after the plan is developed. This course is about keeping plans and projects alive, relevant doable and achievable. There is a powerful component for peer mentoring in this course.  (2-Day course)

Next Date: July 11-12, 2018  

strategicplanningimageToP Strategic Planning

ToP Strategic Planning process builds on your learning from the ToP Facilitation Methods course, showing you how to weave those methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning. The resulting plan is realistic, achievable, and easy to monitor. The course covers design, vision, barriers, strategies and implementation. Pre-requisite: ToP Facilitation Methods (2-Day or 3-day course)

Next Dates: October 9-10, 2018

 Approaches to Environmental Scanning

Learn multiple interactive and enjoyable methods for conducting environmental review to set the foundation for further work, such as strategic planning or making significant decisions.  ToP Strategic Planning recommended.  (1-Day course)   

Next Dates:  November 7, 2018

Designing for Change

The Designing for Change course helps you to thoroughly understand the complexity and depth required in transformational change. This course unlocks the power of shaping and shifting images and provides methodologies that result in effective and lasting organization transformation. This course provides tools to design facilitation or training sessions that result in effective change.

Next date: TBD

Mastering the Technology of Participation – MToP

For those seeking in-depth knowledge of over 60 powerful ToP methods or professional facilitation certification.  Four quarterly 3-day intensives over one year.

Next Dates: TBD

ToP Facilitation Methods & ToP Strategic Planning courses are eligible for continuing education credit by National Commission for Health Education Certification (13.5 CECH) and American Institute for Certified Planners (14.5 CM).


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