Our Team

We are a consortium of trainers, facilitators and consultants operating in the greater Sacramento region who promote participatory leadership and facilitation.  We provide excellent training and facilitation services, helping people to work together to create participatory organizations and revitalized communities.  One of the most valuable benefits of working with our team is the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that they bring to each engagement.

Heidi Kolbe, MA, CPF, CTF

HeidiKolbeGRHeidi is nationally recognized as an expert in meeting design and facilitation. Heidi’s clients include numerous organizations at the local, state, national and international levels. She has done extensive work in complex problem solving for governmental entities, strategic planning, action planning, training, change management, public policy development and dispute resolution.  Heidi’s engaging style motivates and energizes a group for action by leading productive meetings.  She also trains leaders, consultants and facilitators to the master’s level.  She is certified by several national and international professional organizations. For resume of projects, clients, and history CLICK HERE.

Nileen Verbeten, MBA, MA, CTF

Nileen has an extraordinary ability to understand the underlying causes for system breakdown and ways to problem solve.  With 30 years’ experience in health and social service operations, she has deep experience in operations management, performance improvement, workflow redesign,data gathering, organization development, strategic planning, policy and program development and change management. With roots in a rural community and working with both disadvantaged and privileged populations, she values the importance of the basics-communicating in ways that invite curiosity and care about results.  Nileen is a ToP certified professional facilitator, master’s program graduate, qualified ToP Trainer and core member of the National ToP Network. For resume of projects, clients, and history CLICK HERE.

Raven Tahara, Graphic Recorder

Trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, Raven learned graphic recording skills beginning in 2008. She combines these skills with her knowledge of facilitation processes to create illustrated meeting notes that powerfully capture the essence of the conversation and create higher levels of retention of content.


Raven and Heidi at a meeting utilizing graphic recording

Bill Davis, MA, CPF, CTF

Bill specializes in facilitating economic development strategies for cities and counties.  Bill’s experience includes project management and consulting for high-tech firms, facilitation of boards, work teams and ad hoc groups consisting of community and business leaders.  Bill is a mentor trainer, master’s program graduate and certified facilitator.

Marilyn Oyler, MA, CTF

Marilyn has extensive experience in facilitation, training, consulting, curriculum design and program development with diverse groups, including 14 years in other countries.  Marilyn was part of the ICA’s pioneering efforts in developing inclusive collaborative methods and facilitated the collaborative development of the Technology of Participation in the United States.  She is a true partner in participation, author and highly respected mentor.  For more information about Marilyn’s practice CLICK HERE.

Janice Critchlow

Janice has coordinated community collaboratives for 26 years.  Janice specializes in the public, nonprofit, faith-based and business sectors with a special focus on homelessness, disabilities and early education.  She has extensive and successful grantswriting experience.  She has completed two facilitation master’s programs, serves on several facilitation teams and presents our popular program – The Shadow Side of Facilitation: When the facilitator is the problem.

Christine Mattos, MSOD, PCC

Christine is a professional certified and credentialed executive coach who has served over 175 clients and supported leaders in two dozen public agencies. She has drastically improved productivity and accountability for teams through interpersonal skill development, mentoring, and coaching support. Look to her as a critical thinking partner, strategic relationship developer, and a motivation/retention consultant.

Selma Abinader, MA Ed

Selma is an expert in engaging non-traditional stakeholders to address the root causes of health disparities. She has forty years of experience working primarily with public health entities at the state and local levels, as well as non-profit groups, public and private educational institutions, and funding organizations. She has developed more than forty strategic plans.

Laura Nabity, MA

laurafacilitatorLaura has facilitated groups since 1996 when she first learned the Technology of Participation methods.  Laura’s passion is psychology and all that supports personal and professional growth.  She facilitates group work in conflict resolution, problem solving and planning.  As a master’s program graduate, she facilitates mentoring sessions with Sacramento Professional Facilitators and is often called on to facilitate “sticky” situations.

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