Heidi Kolbe, MA, CPF, CTF

Heidi KolbeHeidi Kolbe motivates and energizes a group for action by leading productive meetings. With over twenty years of facilitation experience, Heidi brings extensive expertise in assisting groups through meetings to achieve results and move forward in a collective manner. Heidi serves clients in organizational development, planning, meeting facilitation and training. She also trains facilitators to the master’s level and is certified by:

  • International Association of Public Participation
  • International Association of Facilitators (Certified Professional Facilitator – CPF)
  • Institute of Cultural Affairs in the Technology of Participation (Certified ToP Facilitator – CTF)
  • Meetingworks in Electronic Facilitation
  • National Center Associates in Dispute Resolution
  • Organization Transition Management by Dr. William Bridges
  • National Consulting and Training Center in Team Building
  • Hermann International in Brain Dominance

Heidi’s clients include numerous organizations at the local, state, national and international levels. She has done extensive work in complex problem solving for governmental entities, strategic planning, action planning, training, change management and dispute resolution. Heidi is nationally recognized as an expert in meeting design and facilitation. Heidi skillfully uses a variety of tools when facilitating including a “Meetingworks” electronic meeting system. She regularly hosts mentoring and learning groups to strenghten communication and facilitation skills of the faciliators and consultants she trains.

Heidi holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organization Development and a BA in Government. She has published a chapter titled “Reshaping a Judicial System” in the book Government Works: Profile of People Making A Difference. Heidi has experience as an adjunct professor for Golden Gate University where she has taught courses in organizational development, training design and strategic planning. She is credentialed as a community college instructor and has taught courses in court administration and management.

Prior to founding The Kolbe Company in 1989, Heidi was a Deputy Director and administrator for Sacramento County where she developed expertise in land use planning and court administration, providing her with an excellent background which has led to her work as a Court planning consultant on national, state and local levels.

Heidi is active in the community in non-profit activities involving community development and children’s programs. She provides consulting services to community based organizations on a pro-bono basis.

[For a detailed resume of Heidi’s experience, CLICK HERE.]